× Few antiviral products inadequately detect 3proxy as Trojan.Daemonize, Backdoor.Daemonize, etc and many detect 3proxy as a PUA (potentially unwanted program). It may cause browser warning on download page. 3proxy is not trojan or backdoor and contains no functionality except described in documentation. Clear explanation of this fact is given, for example, in Microsoft's article.

3proxy traffic correction plugin

3proxy logs and counts traffic on application level, while provider usually does it on network or link level. It's significant if you use 3proxy for billing, especially in case where network packets are small, e.g. network games.

This plugin attempts to correct 3proxy computations to approximate network or link level traffic by using either fixed coefficients by port number or attempting to predict number and sizes of network packets.


  1. Extract TrafficPlugin.dll to the same folder with 3proxy executable.
  2. Start plugin in 3proxy.cfg with
    plugin TrafficPlugin.dll start
  3. Add correction rules:
    trafcorrect m <service> <target port> <coefficient>
    where <service> - one of proxy, socks4, socks45, socks5, tcppm, udppm, pop3p, * matches "any".
    <target port> - target port, * matches any
    <coefficient> - coefficient to multiply traffic for this port.
    trafcorrect p <service> <tcp/udp> <target port> [empty packet size]
    tcp ot udp - transport level protocol to apply rule
    empty packet size - average size of "empty" packet, that is sum of average network/transport headers. You can use network sniffer, such is Ethereal to discover it. Usually packet size is 42 for UDP and
    Modes can be mixed.
    Plugin creates a list of rules, first matching rule will be applied.
For any mode plugin approximates traffic, logged or counted amount is not exact.


plugin "TrafficPlugin.dll" start
trafcorrect m socks5 6112 4.5
trafcorrect m socks5 * 1.1
wrong usage:
trafcorrect m socks5 * 1.1
trafcorrect m socks5 6112 4.5
second rule will never be applied.


©Maslov Michael aka Flexx(rus)