× Few antiviral products inadequately detect 3proxy as Trojan.Daemonize, Backdoor.Daemonize, etc and many detect 3proxy as a PUA (potentially unwanted program). It may cause browser warning on download page. 3proxy is not trojan or backdoor and contains no functionality except described in documentation. Clear explanation of this fact is given, for example, in Microsoft's article.

3proxy SSL/TLS plugin

Plugin can be used to transparently decypher SSL/TLS data. Plugin should never be used in production environment due to potential securiy reasons.
ssl_certcache PATH_TO_CACHE
ssl_certcache - path to certificates cache. For transparent spoofing cache must contain 3 files: 3proxy.pem - public self-signed certificates, 3proxy.key - key for public certificates, server.key - this key will be used to generates spoofed certificates. Generated certificates will be placed to the same path.
ssl_mitm - spoof certificates for services started below
ssl_nomitm - do not spoof certificates for services started below


plugin /path/to/SslPlugin.dll ssl_plugin
ssl_certcache /path/to/cache/
proxy -p3128
proxy -p3129


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